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About The Carpentries Incubator

The Carpentries Incubator is a place for collaborative development of new lessons. It provides a space for The Carpentries community to create, test, and improve lessons, supported by systems, process, and training to foster collaboration and promote better lesson design.


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Upcoming Workshops teaching Carpentries Incubator Material

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se 2024-07-11 - 2024-07-12 RNA-seq analysis with Bioconductor

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GitHub Apps Policy

We aim to be permissive and enable apps on request, but the Curriculum Team may refuse if we are concerned that use of the application could incur costs for The Carpentries, contradict our Core Values, or require commitment of Core Team time for continued support. Read the full policy.


The Carpentries Incubator project was established with generous support from The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative, The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation, and The Alfred P. Sloan Foundation.